About us

Crater Radio is a project of The Meteor News Group. Based in Flagstaff, Arizona, high atop the Colorado Plateau The Meteor publishes news from Flagstaff  and across the Southwest to points of interest around the world and Crater Radio streams music, news, and information from our River Bottom Studios along the banks of the Rio de Flag.

We are a multi-media platform news source featuring an online newspaper, video and audio news, podcasts, a network of streaming radio stations and more.

Community Radio

About the Crater

The Crater is a community based, online radio station operated by The Meteor. We are a new station but growing quickly.  Our aim is to develop a platform where people of the Colorado Plateau can explore their curiosities, express themselves and exercise a voice in the decisions that affect their lives.

We are a place where the community can congregate, learn new skills, experiment, be creative and grow in talent. Reporters will be trained on how to use equipment and on production methods. Programmers receive support through every step of their production process and technical assistance is provided at all times. We host an in house podcast production and distribution network accessible to community producers.

Diverse Music and Programming

Crater Radio offers high quality and aesthetically diverse radio programs, hosted by live announcers from the community. Our current programming is rich with music not heard anywhere else, and regularly features local musicians and their bodies of work. We are host to a diverse cohort of radio shows, ranging in genre from radio drama, children’s music, middle eastern music, biography and more. 

Become a program host or DJ! The Crater is committed to working with programmers fully representative of our region. We aim to be a place where DJs feel free to express themselves on air – to be goofy and sincere. Have an idea for a show? Fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly.


With the Crater we reintroduce locally reported and produced news and public affairs radio shows. We will be an independent source for local news, providing different perspectives and more in depth reporting found elsewhere in our current news environment.

We are working hard to develop the sophistication of this reporting, beginning with short news segments of a few minutes in length, increasing to 20 minute long segments by the end of the year, and eventually supporting long form documentary storytelling in our area.

Become a DJ/program host

Become a part of our broadcast news team! Fill out the form below and we will be in touch right away. We are developing broadcast news teams to report on news events of local and regional import with reporters soon to be assigned to regular beats such as City Councils, County Supervisors, water and land issues, MMIWG, labor, the environment, the justice system, education, and housing. In this way we truly earn our reputation as “The Voice Of The People”.

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