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Hector Amarante Cordova is in the Crater River Bottom Studios, streaming from Flagstaff with Tossing Songs Off The Mesa…

Crater Radio is Community Radio from the Colorado Plateau. Bringing music, news, opinion, and cultural currents from Northern Irezona and around the world.

Crater Radio, the place to wind down from the tweets…

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What makes us different?

Crater Radio is community radio. Our mission is to provide a platform for our communities to represent themselves. We try not to define it, instead we let folks speak for themselves.

The voices you hear are from all walks of life and from all across the globe. We take the time to prepare our shows and stream them to your ears because we believe in our communities. We know through reaching out to each other we make our lives, communities, and the world happier and stronger.

We’re not about the hits but about the message. Bookmark the link for the player for easy access. Save it to the homepage of your mobile device for quick hits of community radio.

Our partners

Crater Radio is part of a larger collective of community organizations. The Meteor News Group a partner of the Southwest Institute for Community Media publishes the online news site meteor.news and supporting several regional podcasters.

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