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“Tsoh Tso” pronounced (so-so) is a play on Cecil’s last name. “Tso” derives from the Diné (Navajo) work “Tsoh” which means “big” or “large”. In English his name could translate to “Big Tso”. 

Tsoh Tso, formerly known as “Whatever Cecil”, is a founding member, and co-operator of Fang Over Fist Records. Tso is a Hip-Hop Producer, Instrumentalist, and DJ rooted in DIY culture; assembling, releasing, promoting, and booking the majority of projects in house. He ½ of the artistic projects, An Illustrated Mess and CoCec, and ⅓ of Mood Patrol. Tso is also the performance deejay for Tré Orona, and a radio DJ for Crater Community radio. Tso is an affiliate of Fake Four Inc. 

Since 2011 he has collaborated with artists both nationally and internationally; shedding light on both Arizonan, and Indigenous Hip-Hop. Cecil is a three time Viola Award nominee. While considering himself a “simple, reliable DJ”, Tso has gone on to perform at sold out, and under-booked shows alike, Hullabaloo, Heritage Square, and eventually to book FOF’s first ever festival “Fangsgiving” which housed thirty six artists over the course of two nights. While consciously acting to avoid spotlight, Cecil is considered a figure f Hip-Hop in Northern Arizona having helped give a number of artists their first stage, and exposure into live music.