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Every other week, Lifetimes introduces you to a new friend and lets you get to know them for the next two hours. In this time, you’ll be brought into their life story through music, from their first memories of song to what they were listening to this morning.
This intimate look at someone’s life is hosted by Monty Daniel and is adapted from a show they hosted at their college radio station, KCSU. After a nearly 3 year hiatus and a few moves later, Lifetimes is back on the airwaves and ready for a whole new batch of stories.

Monty Daniel was born and raised in Durango, CO, and attended Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. In May 2020, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Media Communication as well as Technical Theatre with an emphasis on Sound Design. They were the Music Director for her college radio station, KCSU, for 3 years and a radio DJ throughout school. Monty was also an Arts and Culture Reporter for The Rocky Mountain Collegian, Freelance Reporter for Colorado Public Radio and reporting fellow for NPR’s Next Generation Radio. Currently, Monty owns and operates their own photography and media business in Flagstaff, AZ as well as helping and hosting at Crater Radio.

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